Monday, May 4, 2009

Dandy Lions in the Doll House

Playing with Dandy Lions in the Doll House (but more commonly known as The Dandy Lions) has been one of the most fun projects I’ve been a part of since getting to SUNY Purchase College. It all started up on Bear Mountain, when Dante Deleo turned to his sister, Lena Deleo, and said “Lena we should make a band together.”

Lena thought it was a good idea, and so Dante and Lena did the most important thing a band can do: picked outfits. After agreeing on the aesthetic of a pocket watch, a vintage wedding dress, and an old vintage sombrero, Dante and Lena moved on to their next most important decision; their band name. They were soon known by the mountain folk as Dandy Lions in the Doll House.

Clad in 1920s garb, roaming Bear Mountain under the nick name “Dandy Lions,” Dante and Lena took the last step in creating their band. They wrote a song.

This past weekend, we got into my white minivan, drove into Connecticut, walked into Sammy’s basement, and recorded some songs. John Feliciano was the man on bass. Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Hey! I like your humor and the band name :)
    2 Q's:
    1. We're always looking for talented music makers for our films so if your interested send me an email.
    2. Do you by chance know Jeff Schwartz? (He's probably SUNNY alumni by now) Lost touch with him and want to reconnect.

  2. Nice photos. Love the second one from the top with the mirror.