Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Room Within A Room: Volume 2

It's been exactly ten months since my last blog post. My bad. Long story short, summer got very busy, and my pursuit for blog-success shifted to my band, Baba Jaga. (That blog can be found here.) But let's not live in the past; what's done is done, and I'm here now, aren't I?

So now for the good stuff: Russ Barrnett and the New City Mission Bell Band.

I'm back in the studio, working alongside a very good, very talented, aforementioned friend of mine, Russ Barrnett. With the help of Clay Wilson on the bass, and additional guest musicians to be announced, Russ and I are working on his first ever full length album. There's no doubt that I make the best music when I'm with friends, and Russ just so happens to be one of the greatest people I've met since getting to college.

I've been hoping to collaborate with Russ since the first time I heard him perform freshman year. The kid's a triple threat: fantastic songwriter, beautiful lyricist, and a killing musician - a true groovester. I'll soon be uploading video from our sessions; each session we have is so much fun, and so different.

"It's good to be back.


  1. Welcome back! Its about time. A whole lot of the new viral marketers are getting their blogs set up. Check out my blogroll and come visit them.

  2. i love your blog. and you.
    especially when we hang out.