Saturday, April 10, 2010

Russ Barrnett: Tracking complete!

And now, for some very exciting news; Russ' album is completely tracked! For our final recording session, Russ and I felt it best to fill White Lightning (my minivan) with as much recording and musical equipment as possible, drive two hours to his home in Granby, Connecticut, and finish the album in the company of his dog, Gibson.

Every moment of the 36 hour recording session, from recording vocals, to eating lunch, to sleeping, to picking the most appropriate shaker, was streamed live, online. It was really exciting, and something I plan to do again for future projects. Recording in Russ' home reminded me of how hampering it can be to record in school; by the time a studio is booked, equipment is booked, equipment is delivered (or not), instruments are set up,  microphones are set up, and lunch break is over, no one has the energy to actually be creative or spontaneous. Not to mention, the next student is undoubtedly coming in two or three hours earlier than one would like.

Guess I have some repressed frustration... But back to the favorable side of things: what comes next...

Russ and I just launched a campaign on to raise money for the mastering and duplication of the record. I would divulge the compelling and action-packed details, but wouldn't you rather just see the movie...


  1. hey, good stuff! check out some of our ambient tunes:

  2. YAY You did it! This totallt inspired me to use kickstarter.

  3. Let me know how your campaign is going, Scott!