Thursday, June 3, 2010

Russ Barrnett: Mix Notes

Almost done...
This post is pretty self-explanatory. I'm too worn out and hot and dehydrated to get into it. All I can say is, expect a very excited Ben Goldstein to be writing the next blog post...

-brush drumming down a bit in first it sounds a bit gentler
-last line before "never in my world"....mouth noise
-drums at very very end down. (namely kick and rim)
-voice a bit louder in first verse before chorus
-"And I wonder what you'd say" a bit louder
-Second verse vocals a bit louder, and second verse drums a BIT quieter, until "never in my world"
-Floor tom into "and it's been the same old rain" stronger. EQ issue? steal from Thought I Was

-feels dead...
-vocals louder? brighter?make it pop.
-guitar brighter?
-AC Gtr hits compressor too hard in reintro
-Cajon down/back
-cut out shit at ending

It Just Takes Time
-A bit less kick

Johnny Cash
-Vocals up a BIT? Pop. BIT less low mids?
-Automate beginnings and ends of vocal lines
-Guitar interlude...delay effect similar to Heat seeker?
-Automate reverb or something at end to make less abrupt

Really Too Late
-Bit less low mids in voice if you can get away with it
-Go through and check for all lip/mouth noise
-Vocals down a bit in FIRST verse
-Try automating gtr out of the way of vocal
-"All the songs that you play" - digital pop?
-Vocals down a BIT in verse after chorus, then up at "Well you get red"
-Get rid of swallow after "sleeps in his veins"
-Vocals louder at ending! Should overtake listener

-Great aesthetic, but vocals down a BIT, particularly in first verse. Same space as gtr.
-Lip noise before "Grandpa's highest drawer" then digital pop?
-Make vocal sound more expensive.
-Throat noise before "taxman's still around"

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  1. I love it. Ben, you and Russ have really nailed blogging about the record production, while it happens. This is extreme man, we're in it!

    "Make vocal sound more expensive."